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Ladder 54 firefighters in Tukwila WA
Miscellaneous Page
info, pictures, and everything that doesn't go on other ladder54 pages.
So far most everything has it's own place, but here are some random pictures in the meantime!

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Our Home Away From Home - Station 54
Station 54, home away from home 10 days a month
Those that work at 54 know what this is!
Can you figure out what this is?

Randy - diet coke of evil
Firefighter Randy
Chuck doing reports
Firefighter Chuck
Craig on vent prop (is he going to jump?)
Lieutenant Craig
4 of the B54 crew
4 of the 6 B54 crew
Chuck and Barry. Chuck's casual look :)
firefighter Chuck
Barry, Randy and Chuck
firefighters Randy, Chuck
Dave E early morning paper reading
lieutenant dave waiting for help to keep this truck from rolling over ;)

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uhhh, I dunno
Ken,Craig,Randy on CSR prop

More photos? Okay
Personnel Personnel2 89 CA Earthquake Apparatus Old1 Old2 Fires Rescue SpecOps SlideShow

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