Fire Rescue Aerial Truck Co. #54 - Tukwila
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Ladder54's firefighting and fire rescue t-shirts.
These are really cool images on quality shirts.
Choose the firefighting Wolf, Truck Company Skull, or SpecOps Logo!
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Firefighting Wolf  - fire truck company 54  t-shirt
Truck company 54 aerial rescue platform tee shirt
"wolf - Fratris Um Sangri & Ignatio"
(brothers in blood and fire)
Ladder 54's off-duty firefighting and special operations rescue team t-shirts now available online. High quality 100% cotton t-shirts with multi-screen printing. Excellent gifts for firefighters (both career and volunteer),EMS workers, special operations rescue personnel, emergency services rescuers, and anyone that enjoys a great t-shirt. Don't forget the 911 dispatchers, fire buffs, and fire explorers too!

tukwila special operations / EMS rescue team logo t shirt
Logo of Special Operations Rescue Team tee-shirt.
Full insignia on back, Center SORT symbol on front.
Shirts include a breast pocket. Very colorful t-shirts!
All emergency services people like these firefighter and Special Operations Rescue ( Spec Ops ) t-shirts, especially those that like collectible clothing and fire-fighting or rescue items.

Skull badge fire truck co. 54 t-shirt
Truck Company 54 fire/rescue badge tee-shirt.
"Hi-Res Skull - fire & rescue"
our most popular shirt

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career firefighters, volunteer firefighters, fire explorers, fire buffs, 911 fire and police dispatchers, EMS ( EMTs and paramedics ), ambulance, special operations, heavy and technical rescue, fire rescue workers, and practically anyone!
hanes t-shirts

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Check back soon to see additional T-shirts and other new gift items!
•Haz-Mat Team
(cool haz mat design, popular gift idea)
(great EMTs, Paramedics, Ambulance t-shirts)
•144th & The Line
(definitely an off-duty firefighters shirt!)

truck 54 firefighters gifts cup

Each Fire and Rescue T-shirt is a 100% cotton tee-shirt. Silk-screening is multicolor process resulting in excellent re-production of hi-resolution artwork. Our shirts use 12 screens! Lesser quality shirts only use 2 or 3 screens.
Similar quality t-shirts and printing cost over $30-40.
No disappointment - guaranteed!

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