Although not Ladder 54 action oriented, several members / firefighters of Ladder 54 were at the 1989 California Earthquake in the San Francisco bay and Oakland California. There was some interest about the rescues (and recoveries) on Interstate I880 to I80 cypress structure freeway collapse in Oakland after the earthquake so we put these on here.
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Ladder 54 firefighters in Tukwila WA
(including 89 San Francisco bay Earthquake)

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89 Bay Earthquake
Cypress Collapsed Deck in Oakland
I-880 collapsed from the earthquake in Oakland
Car under collapsed deck on I-880 to I-80
Car under the collapsed freeway deck on Oakland's I-880 following the earthquakes
Inside the collapsed I-80 freeway deck
firefighters rescue 2 children from this vehicle that was crushed by the earthquake collapse
Cutting down into upper freeway to get to a crushed vehicle
Firefighters recovering body in a trapped car the day after the earthquake.
Cypress Freeway collapse in Oakland CA
Interstate I-880 collapse from the earthquake
after cutting down to reach a crushed vehicle
Site of one of the many recoveries done by firefighters going to the car from above
One of many cars that were trapped under collapsed freeway
A car that was uncovered the next day by firefighters.
view along top of cypress structure to I-80 in Oakland CA
View of the freeway after the earthquake
Inside and under the collapsed Oakland freeway
Entering under the collapsed upper deck to try and rescue survivors right after the earthquake hit

The 1989 San Francisco Bay earthquake photos.
In 1989 two Ladder54 firefighters arrived in the bay area for heavy rescue instructor training with Oakland and other bay area firefighters. The photos are of the Cypress collapse on I-880 in Oakland to I-80 after the earthquake. These are some of the pictures. Several were taken right after rescues and during aftershocks of the quake. Many of the photos are too gruesome to publicly show (as you can imagine).

Other miscellaneous photos that have no catagory

Blue Angels w/ E52
One ot the Blue Angels with E-52
Seattle Fallen Firefighters statues
Seattle Firefighters memorial
Down from L54
View from top of Ladder54

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