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Ladder 54 firefighters in Tukwila WA

Ladder54, TFD, SpecOps Rescue Firefighting Logos and graphics!
Here's some of the firefighting and rescue logos, insignias and images that CJ made. Click on images to get full screen. Images are vector art made with CorelDraw8. Please wait while images load. I've reduced resolution ( from 100% to 20-30% and 128C ) to get semi-fast loading times but are still multi-layer vector art.

  ALL IMAGE ARE ©cjbyron & , reproduction prohibited without permission

Truck 54 firefighting
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Special operations rescue team  logo
Tukwila Fire Special Operations Rescue Team insignia
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TFD 44-00
Tukwila City Fire Department photo graphic
Tukwila Fire Eng Comp 1
Firefighting Engine Company 51 graphic
ladder54 wolf logo 1
Aerial truck co 54 fire wolf insignia
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TFD HazMat 1
Tukwila Haz-mat logo for hazardous materials team
Tukwila Firefighters 1
Firefighting photo image (used in various other apps)
station 54 logo UANB
Fire truck 54 off-duty insignia - UAN
ladder54 skull badge 1
Fire Rescue 54 skull badge graphic image
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attack dogs
Engine / ladder comp graphic
haz mat 2
Tukwila Haz-mat logo 2 for hazardous materials team
Fire truck 54 off-duty front insignia - UAN
skull fnt Truck co 54
Fire truck 54 skull graphic image

tcfd 2
Fire department fnt graphic

AUN main 3
Fire truck 54 off-duty officer insignia - UAN
skull B 2
Fire Rescue 54 white skull badge graphic image
  OKAY, that's it for now. We have over 2200Mb (over 50 firefighting and rescue logos and insignias) of graphic insignia designs,photo art and maybe will put some more on here. Check back again later. People wanting to use any of these - just ask and I may send the actual vector images that allow editing. Average full image size is 2 - 15 Mb. Several of these fire and rescue logos took days to image and get right (anyone's that's ever worked with vector art layering knows what I mean!).


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